Web Design Trends to Follow in 2020

/Web Design Trends to Follow in 2020

Web Design Trends to Follow in 2020

Captivating Typography

Another phenomenon that web design agencies seen this year rising is the broad typography. Visually simple typography indicates names have large scattered lines. All through 2019, this style pattern has been growing. It’ll only continue to expand into more web design formats in 2020.

The large typography is used mostly in hero pictures and segment names. That pattern comes hand in hand with typography of the sans, block, and serif. Script fonts or calligraphy aren’t very common.

Mobile Friendly

Mobile-first is a phenomenon that shifts rapidly from trend status to good web design practice. Many people look at blogs on their mobile each year rather than on desktops. That is why developers and designers are moving rapidly towards mobile-first design.

This means they design for mobile-first and then adjust for desktops instead of first designing for desktops and then for desktops. In doing so, websites look like phones, and can assist in omnichannel marketing.


The asymmetry trend has only been growing in 2019. In 2020 we are sure to see much more of it. So much so that it might become a regular trend. The idea behind asymmetry is that websites look less “blocky” and less straight-edged.

Asymmetrical design on websites makes them much more interesting to look at. There are different levels of asymmetry in design, from slightly asymmetric to loud and strong. The most important thing to remember about asymmetric design is that it always needs to have a visual balance.

Background Videos

Because of how they can potentially slow down loading time for a website, video backgrounds have always been difficult to achieve. Things are becoming more accessible in that regard and it’s no longer just seasoned developers that use background video.

For theme builders and video optimizers, the use of videos as history in parts of websites is simpler than ever. For even further optimisation, images can be transformed to GIFs.

Dual Split Design

The use of vertical color split parts is another phenomenon we’ve seen rising throughout the year, and will certainly continue in 2020. This pattern is used to establish two separate sections of knowledge in the same space or to split a division into two colours.

The vertical separation is used in some cases throughout a whole site or only in some parts. For this theme, there are lots of different models, so we’re sure it’ll grow by 2020.

Micro Animation

Micro animation is a phenomenon that we have seen that for some years now. It seems to only get bigger by 2020. Micro animations are used to load templates, backgrounds, elements of decoration, and navigation.

Something we once saw in special off the cuff places is now nearly a common trend. As micro-animation and illustration collide, some amazing things happen.

3D Elements

The 3D design comes in many forms and shapes. What we began to see in 2018 and 2019 were elaborate, 3D drawings. The trend has moved towards more straightforward designs and less flashy ones.

Three-dimensional formats are used for parts of text, photo galleries, pages of programs, product images, and more.

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