5 Ways to Speed Up Your Mobile App Development

/5 Ways to Speed Up Your Mobile App Development

5 Ways to Speed Up Your Mobile App Development

Here is a known fact about mobile app development: It takes time and money. The more time you invest in creating a mobile application, the more money it will require for you to continue on with the process.

Although time can help you create something that is worthwhile, it can also act as a double-edged sword in that your end product might result in a cheap rip-off of an already well-established mobile application.

Even though mobile app development can be time-consuming, there are a couple of ways that you can potentially improve the speed of development. I will talk about that in this article.

Use Cross-Platform Development Tools

Most app developers are adept at creating mobile applications only for a specific platform. After all, it has been proven that native apps are far superior in performance than hybrid or cross-platform apps.

Although that is true, creating only one application that can only be run on one platform significantly limits your scope and you could potentially lose profits as a result. However, developing two codebases can effectively increase development time by twice or thrice that much! Fortunately, you can utilize cross-platform development tools as they can help you build applications that are platform-agnostic, meaning, they can be run no matter what mobile operating system you are running. One great example of a cross-platform development tool is Xamarin. By using a single C# codebase, you can create Android, iOS, and even Windows mobile apps as you

Minimum Viable Product

A minimum viable product is basically an application that is released to the public with only the core features intact. This can help significantly decrease development time as you are only releasing the application with features that you deem as necessary for the app to function as intended.

This is actually a great way of developing mobile apps because you can gather user feedback and implement changes and new features based on the information that you have gathered.

Agile Development

Agile development is just a set of methodologies that are similar to the MVP in that you release an application as fast as you can and implementing changes as you go.

In fact, most renowned app development companies follow this approach because it is much better to create something worthwhile doing this method than to rely on developing a complete application that requires a lot of time to finish.


Think of wireframing as your app development blueprint but it is not as intricate as it may seem. With the use of a pen and paper, try to visualize how your app will look like, as well as how it will perform based on the features that you are going to implement.

Creating wireframes can help streamline the entire development process simply because you already have an idea of how to execute things in the right way.

Code Reviews

If you are going to follow the Agile development methodology, it is important that you look at user reviews so that you can revisit your app’s codebase and make necessary changes to fix possible issues that may arise.

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