Would You Attempt to Cheat the Casino in Order to Win?

/Would You Attempt to Cheat the Casino in Order to Win?

Would You Attempt to Cheat the Casino in Order to Win?

Although there are certainly some gambling guidelines that are deemed okay to use, for the most part, there are some that are frowned upon by both the casinos and the gambling community.

There are gambling guidelines that are primarily used in live casinos, but there are also some that can be used in the online realm as well, such as in Online casinos in Malaysia.

But, you probably know by now that there are some instances of cheating in casinos where players would use various techniques to help gain the advantage.

Sure, you want to win in a casino game because you not only want to regain the money that you’ve bet on the game, but you also want to rack up some winnings as well, right?

But, there are certain casinos that would deem this practice to be something that you should never follow when you play the casinos.

For example, the use of advantage play techniques is, considered by many, a form of cheating. Even though there are some gambling establishments that are okay with some of the techniques under that umbrella, there are a lot of them that would deem this to be illegal because these are used to help gain an unfair advantage among the other players and to also help their odds of winning as well (something that the ‘house’ will never want to do).

Despite the many advantage play techniques that you can use, these techniques are actually quite hard to master. That is why whenever you spot some players using this, you will know that they’ve been playing that particular game for a very long time.

Not only that but there are also certain intangibles that players must possess in order to pull off something that will help them win.

For instance, a player must have impeccable observation skills if they want to use a technique like card counting and shuffle tracking.
Below are just some of the more renowned forms of cheating that are being used in casinos even to this day.

Roulette Cheating

There are plenty of cheating techniques that are being employed in the game of roulette, but two of the more prominent ones include top hatting and past posting.

The former is where the chips are moved to the winning numbers and the latter is where the dealer will add more chips to the winning bet.

Slots Cheating

Cheating in a slot machine is actually quite ingenious and it doesn’t really involve any elaborate trickery of sorts. You just have to make use of a coin and a string to somehow dupe the machine into thinking that you have plenty of money.

For example, the player might tie a string on a particular coin and then put it inside a slot machine. Once it is game over, the player can then just pull the coin from the machine and would insert it again- allowing them to play on and on without losing any money at all.

Cheating in Card Games

There are plenty of different techniques used by players when it comes to having an advantage in different card games. Some of the most popular ones include second dealing, card marking, card switching, and many others.

The only problem with this is that in order for the techniques to work, they have to be playing in an actual casino as opposed to the online variation.

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