Visiting Your Gynecologist

/Visiting Your Gynecologist

Visiting Your Gynecologist

Visiting your Gynecologist

Feeling anxious or unsettled before your first visit to a gynecologist is normal. Some women or teenage girls might feel uncomfortable with the idea of having a doctor examine their vagina, but don’t worry too much about it. Although you may feel awkward at first, you will eventually get used to it. Gynecologists are known to be welcoming and kind. They will get to know you by asking you questions about yourself, which would include your sexual history, and your family’s medical background.

What is gynecologic exam?

It should be noted that there are four types of gynecological exams. There is first of all, the general physical examinations, which would examine your weight, height and blood pressure. The second examination is the breast inspection, where your doctor will inspect your breasts with her fingers to detect any abnormalities.

The third type of examination is the Pap smear test where your doctor will collect a sample of cells from your cervix for testing.  And then there’s the pelvic examination, which is a test performed on women who have had sex or has an infection or is experiencing abnormal vaginal discharge. The doctor will ask you to lay on your back with your legs open and they will examine the vagina.

Your ob-gyn is open to answering any questions about your health. You may want to talk about sex, menstruation, birth control or even STIs. They will provide advice on anything that you need.

Most clinics like Mont Kiara clinic, Hibari clinic, have woman gynecologists so you do not have to worry about having a male examining your lady parts. Aside from providing services to women, it is also a popular Mont Kiara children clinic and offers high-quality consultations and checkups for mothers and their infants.

When should you first visit a gynecologist?

Some mothers tend to bring their daughters for a gynecologist test when they are 13 to 15 years old. The sooner you start the better. Some women choose to go for their first appointment after they have had sex for the first time or if they’re experiencing any type of discomfort or unusual vaginal discharges. Visiting a gynecologist is part of maintaining your overall health. It is better to know if there is something wrong so you could treat it accordingly.

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