The Mobile App Development Trends of Today and Tomorrow

/The Mobile App Development Trends of Today and Tomorrow

The Mobile App Development Trends of Today and Tomorrow

The Trends for Mobile App Development

What drives trends? Innovation. Since smartphones have become a mainstream thing, mobile applications that have different functions and features have come up. We used to have a very simple social media app like Facebook, for example, but the said application has seen many changes. Each iteration of application development services either improves on an existing feature or it introduces a new one that many people really love.

That being said, there are plenty of trends in the mobile app development space and in today’s article, I will talk about them.

1. Cloud-Based Apps

The Mobile App Development Trends of Today and TomorrowBack in the day, people would have to resort in saving their data on the phone’s SD card. Although there really is no problem with that, the problem arises when people either do not have the money to buy a dedicated memory card or that their phone doesn’t support the feature.

Enter cloud-based services. Whether it is retrieving data from the “cloud” and it can also provide other services as well. Gone are the days where you have to rely on physical media just to store files. You can access them from anywhere so long as you have a good internet connection.

2. Online Payments

With the emergence of Google Wallet and Apple Pay, mobile payment apps have become a thing. It is just so amazing that you can pay for your stuff by using your phone, right? You don’t have to bring your credit cards or purse anymore as you can readily pay for things while on the go (by using your phone, of course).

3. Improved Wearable Tech

I am an active person and I want to be able to count the steps I took during the day. Instead of relying on phones, you can use different wearables like the smartwatch or a wristband. All of the provide certain features such as a step counter, heart rate monitor, etc.

But, what makes them really stand out? Well, if you pair it with a companion app! A suitable application would provide additional features to the end user. Expect to have better mobile apps in the future that fully support the different wearables available on the market.

4. Location-Based Services

The smartphones of today have become quite innovative in the sense that it comes with a host of features that you can utilize. App developers should be quick to realize that an application would be the key to unlocking all of the device’s functionalities.

That being said, location-based apps provide you with services that are only available in your area. The said applications would use your phone’s GPS, as well as, internet capabilities to ensure that it gives you the services that you want in your area.

The Mobile App Development Trends of Today and Tomorrow

5. Instant Apps

Most of the applications nowadays would require the user to install the apps on their phones. This presents the problem of space, especially if your phone doesn’t come with an external storage.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could use an application that doesn’t require installation? Well, that is where Instant Apps come in. First introduced on the Android platform, expect Apple to follow suit.

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