Public and Private Cloud Security- What You Should Know

/Public and Private Cloud Security- What You Should Know

Public and Private Cloud Security- What You Should Know

Cloud computing has been around for many years now and it is only going to improve in the future. That being said, it has trickled down to many different industries, including web hosting.

Now, the ‘cloud’ is just a buzzword that refers to a collection of computers that handle the processing load to deliver different types of services.

In the case of web hosting, for example, cloud hosting is basically where many different servers located at different parts of the world, work in unison to provide scalable hosting services to those who need it.

It most certainly doesn’t stop there. In today’s article, I will talk about cloud security and what you need to know about it.

Cloud Security

Security in the online world is always a top concern. That is why previously implemented security protocols are now being more refined thanks to cloud technology. There are two things that you need to know about cloud security: Public and Private.

When you are going to use public cloud security, you are basically subscribing to a third-party provider to give you the necessary security services that you need.

Just like a typical hosting provider, the third-party security provider will be able to use the public cloud to help fend off attackers and it also makes sure that all of your security protocols are updated at all times.

Public cloud security is the one that is commonly used in many private and business entities but it does have its limitations as well. For instance, if a particular company would want to gain access to public cloud security measures, they would have to meet stringent requirements for that to happen.

Although SaaS platforms are typically given the pass to use such as security measures, all other things will have to make sure that they have all the requirements first before they can use the public cloud.

Private Cloud Security

Public cloud security can be accessed by anyone, so it stands to reason that private cloud security can only be enjoyed by a few. You could say that the private cloud is an extension of a company that provides additional services to such a company in order to make their customers happy.

One of the strongest suits of this type of security is that because your data is only handled by one or a few entities, you are assured that you are getting your money’s worth. That means that if you entrust your data to the private cloud, you do not have to worry about security at all.

The private cloud can also be customized to cater to your specific needs as well- something that is not possible when accessing the public cloud.The only major downside to this is that it is definitely quite expensive.

So, Which One Should You Choose?

Just like getting a hosting provider, it will still depend on your individual needs. For the most part, public cloud security should meet all of your demands. However, if you have the funds, private cloud security is better in every aspect.

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