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Playing with Style

The Winning Strategy: Play with Style

We all know how awesome James Bond is. He wears a tuxedo while dealing with classy people in classy situations while playing at the casino as similar to 918kiss. Filmmakers blended a lot of powerful stereotypes and ideas. In James Bond’s life, there is always the elements of risks, excitement, gracious winning and grace under pressure. Inside the casino, he look stylish and sexy while stacking all the chips.

What about in the real world? Of course pit bosses, casino personnel and dealers may not judge you that much even in borderline situations. It pays to be cool and suave.

Thinking of going to the casino anytime soon? Make sure that you understand the rules, and that you respect every game. Just like James Bond, you can play in style, alongside being sexy and fun.

Faux Pas?
Below are some etiquette rules which are not recognized as legal standards, yet considered as crucial standards.

  1. Every person must play his or her own hand.
  2. It’s not good to provide strategic advice to someone at the same table. Also, it’s not wise to offer advice even when you’re asked.  
  3. It’s not good to talk to a person at the middle of a hand. Wait until the hand is complete.
  4. Don’t speak directly to a person throwing dice. If that person talks to you, then go for it.
  5. Don’t mention the term “seven” to dice shooters.
  6. Don’t talk about a player who is losing. Moreover, if someone complains about the casino or dealer, or speaks to you about losses, refrain from making comments.
  7. Keep your losses and successes to yourself.


Playing with StyleWhat is a toke? It is a casino-industry term for “tip.” Casino dealers usually get half or more of their cash from tokes.

No one expects you to toke right after a loss. However, if you are having winning sessions, it’s always good to give the dealers something. The standard toke? 10% to 50% of 1 base bet given twice or once per hour.

Furthermore, it’s customary to toke an employee who gives you a jackpot of more than $1,200. You should always give 1% of the jackpot.

Thou Shalt Not

Always know the rules of every game.

  1. Every player must read the display card at the paytable on the machine, or at the table. We all appreciate a player who is very attentive, and wants to retain the flow of action.
  2. All money transactions should be very visible to all the cameras.
  3. Don’t touch chips in play.
  4. Don’t touch a different player’s chips.
  5. Your hand signals should be observable and clear.

Advanced Etiquette

Playing with StyleAdvanced etiquette involves asking for favors and comps, as well as handling disputes.

  1. What if a dealer commits a mistake in your favor? Then, you’re not legally required to correct him or her. Your conscience will always be your guide.
  2. What if a dealer commits a mistake, and ends up breaking the rules? If the situation puts you at a disadvantage, don’t hesitate to speak up. Talk the dealer in a polite yet firm tone.

Schmoozing the Employees

Supervisors and hosts also have feelings. Be friendly all time, and give them nothing but kindness.

  1. When employees write you comps, don’t forget to thank them.
  2. Tell the host how wonderful your meal is, and how nice your room is.
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