Benefits of an Office Makeover

/Benefits of an Office Makeover

Benefits of an Office Makeover

We spend quite a deal of time attempting to transform our home into a livable, comfortable space. A safe haven. A place we can retire to after a long day of work at the office. But what if there was a way to minimize the exhaustion that follows the eight hours of being buried beneath stacks of papers at the office. What if you could alter your plain, dingy, disorganized office environment into a more functional, appealing and invigorating place? There are several ways in which a change would benefit your company. This article highlights 5 of these benefits.

Increase productivity

As mentioned in the introduction, a change in the office could help increase productivity. There are several concepts which you could implement into the office to do so. An example would be to light up the office with natural light instead of artificial light. A study reveals that employees get better sleep and are more physically active during the day if they are more exposed to sunlight.

Another way would be to stimulate thought and activity would be through organization of the workspace and selection of décor. Allocating open space work areas would improve on collaboration and togetherness of the working community, which would thus lead to better discussions.

Also, having areas specific areas where employees could focus on specific tasks without distractions, would allow them to focus on their tasks.

In some cases, having a vibrant surrounding could increase productivity. For example, The Singapore Uber Headquarters has offices that feature writable walls, in hopes of promoting mindfulness. Employees are able to draw and color on the wall, as a way of calming the mind.

Retain employees

Improving the interior of the office would also help keep and attract more employees. Aside from the productivity, your employee’s mental health and happiness should be a company’s priority. Therefore, having a pleasing/attractive, functioning, comfortable working space would positively influence an employee’s state of mind. This would thus encourage current employees to remain in their current job and encourage applicants to want to work there.

Attract Clients

Enhancing your office’s appearance would not only pique the interest of possible employees. It would also impress clients, and play a role in convincing them to collaborate with your company. The appearance of your office reflects the company and your brand. A disorganized, un-maintained, dingy working environment would most likely scare clients away. Why should they invest in your service, if you are unable to maintain something simple as your surroundings?

Improvement in Employees’ health

A happy, healthy employee, is a productive employee. If you’re working on an office makeover, you may want to consider implementing designs or furniture that would be beneficial towards an employee’s health. For example, Uber’s headquarters in Singapore has an amphitheater is used, aside from conferences, as a yoga center, to improve on the health of the employees. If you’re unwilling to go to such lengths, there are other measures you could implement. Companies like Facebook uses stand up desks, which helps reduce back pain. You could also provide free healthy snacks for your employees.

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