An Overview to Progressive Jackpot

/An Overview to Progressive Jackpot

An Overview to Progressive Jackpot

Numerous numbers of casinos are divided into classic and jackpot slots but since jackpot is present in both, what difference do they have?

The difference between them is the progressive jackpot, which can go to elevated figures. A progressive jackpot is a big (maximum) win that grows every time someone plays a game. So basically, it will keep on increasing until the chosen one wins it.

How Does it Work?

Progressive jackpot slots typically claims a part of the money gambled and earn it to increase the jackpot. This figure is occasionally called the ‘meter’ and it is usually taken from different slots at the same moment. For example, many gamblers are playing the Millionaire Genie at the same time; these players are helping the jackpot grow and competing for the jackpot as well.

Mechanics of Winning

There are different ways on how to get the progressive jackpot which includes:

  • Random Awards – Since every spin is random, there is a chance that it can happen anytime you try.
  • Ending Up on Certain Symbol Combinations – Just like the jackpot combination, these progressive wins can be acquired through certain arrangements of symbols. Like when you line up the star symbols in Geisha Wonders or when you get a Royal Flush in video poker
  • Bonus Games – some slots have bonus games and players can earn on it; like in the bonus game of Mega Fortune, when a player reaches the middle of the wheel.

If you want to win the jackpot, don’t just focus on the mechanics of winning, keep in mind the basic entry criteria:

  • Minimum Qualifying Bets – Progressive Jackpots can only be acquired when a players placed a certain amount of bet.
  • Play Meters – Always know the rules before you play as these provide the players a probability to win.

Slots have a random number generators or RNGs which is an electronic system that determines what combinations you will have in each spin and also ensure that every spin remains random.

How Big Can Progressive Jackpots Grow?

In September 2018, an anonymous Android mobile device player won the biggest progressive jackpot by staking 75c on Mega Moolah and after around 50 spins garnered the jackpot of €18.9m (£16.7m). In October 2015, another jackpot was claimed through Mega Moolah by a UK-based soldier named Jon Heywood who turned 25p into £13.2m (€17.9m). His win earned the title in Guinness World Record as the ‘largest jackpot payout in an online slot machine game’.

An anonymous Finn had the previous payout record which is an enormous €17.4m (£13.6m) through Mega Fortune. Also, one Betfred player won £5.1m on Beach Life, and in 2013, a fisherman in Aberdeeshire claimed the UK record jackpot of £5.4m while playing Halls of Gods

Looking for a Progressive Jackpot

Many casinos arrange their slots according to its types. For example, they separate ‘Jackpot Slots’ tab at Leo Vegas where you can see all the progressive jackpot slots. Most casinos also display the main screen where you can see the progressive jackpot meter to present the growing money on offer. So when you witness an increasing cash meter, then you can judge that it’s a progressive jackpot.

Progressive Jackpot Types

Progressive Jackpots have 3 types:

    1. The Stand Alone: A slot machine that has no connections to other machines where it has its own jackpot prize.
    2. The In-House: Slot machines that are connected with each other and earning a big jackpot.
    3. The Wide Area: Slot machines that are related to other casinos. The prize is enormous but the competition between numerous players is huge making the chance of winning smaller.

Progressive Jackpot Chances of Winning

In Megabucks, the probability of winning the jackpot was estimated at 1 in 49,836,032. But it’s difficult to give a figure that will cover the probability of winning in all slots as these machines have different mechanisms. If you are eager to know your chances of winning on a specific slot, know the return to player percentage and ask the previous winners to fully understand how often they give wins.

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