A Simple Guide to Buying the Perfect Bathtub for Your Baby

/A Simple Guide to Buying the Perfect Bathtub for Your Baby

A Simple Guide to Buying the Perfect Bathtub for Your Baby

Back in the day, mothers would typically use a large bucket to bathe their babies. Although there is nothing wrong with this practice, there are so many different baby bath options out there that the traditional means of bathing are considered obsolete (and sometimes, unsafe).

Because there are so many bathtub options that are perfect for your baby nowadays, there is really no logical reason not to get one for your precious thing.

Today, I am going to provide you with a simple guide to buying the perfect bathtub for your baby.

Different Types

Just like their baby diapers, there are so many different types of baby bathtubs out there. Here are just some of the most common ones:

1. Standard Bathtub

This is pretty much the simplest bathtub there is for a baby. They are made of hard plastic with an anti-slip coating at the bottom to ensure that your baby won’t slip and slide when they are on it.

Standard bathtubs can easily be placed on the bathroom floor or pretty much any flat and large surfaces. Although most of them are devoid of any special features, there are some that have a nifty compartment to hold your baby’s soap, shampoo, sponge, and even some bath toys as well.

Again, this is the simplest bathtub there is for your newborn and some of them do not have extra features. Still, this is the cheapest kind.

2. Collapsible

If storage space is a huge consideration, then you may want to buy one of those collapsible bathtubs. As the name implies, it can actually be folded and tucked away for easy storage.

They typically include a reclining feature that will allow you to use the tub for a considerably longer time than the standard bathtub.

Just make sure that whenever you get this type of bathtub that you set it up as per instructions to ensure that everything is going to be okay.

3. Foldable Bathtub

Another space-saver, foldable bathtubs are great for whenever you want to save space in your house or car. What’s more, because it is portable, you can bring it with you anywhere so long as there is a clean water source for your baby to bathe in.

Although this can be a perfect travel companion if you want to make your baby extra clean wherever you go, it has one big downside in that they are not sturdy enough, at least, when compared to its non-foldable counterparts.

4. Inflatable

A lot of babies actually love inflatable bathtubs for the simple reason that they can bounce on it. They typically come with a contoured headrest with full-textured padding, providing the best comfort for your baby while they’re bathing.

And, due to its inflatable nature, you can deflate it at any time and set it up anywhere you like as well.

The main concern here would be its durability because inflatable bathtubs can be damaged by something sharp, meaning, they typically do not last that long, unlike the others.

5. Bath Chairs

Although technically not a tub, parents do use this if they want to bathe their children in a more upright position.

This is actually a good alternative because most of the bath chairs nowadays come with some fun toys for your baby to play with while they take a bath and there are also some that have a swivel feature so you can easily clean your baby’s body with ease.

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